Monday, August 16, 2010

They Don't like it up em! - Part 2

Welcome back!
Here are a few more shots of the main scenario of the Dad's Army game we put on in 2008 in Wellington. 

The idea was that a German Infantry force would hit the Pier ahead of the main armoured strike force which was due to arrive a few moves later. The Infantry duly landed but couldn't get beyond the esplinade before getting pinned down by the local trawler men. unfortunately (for the Germans that is) the Brits rolled some very tasty dice for reinforcements and conjoured up a matilda which, true to form, proved impervious to everything the germans could throw at it. We discivered that 38T's really can't scratch the paint on a Matilda! The situation was made worse that the Germans couldn't manage to get the PzV or Char B1 on which would have given the matilda a run for it's money.
Despite this frustration, the game was a real success.

Charge! German infantry capture the Novelty Rock Emporium.
General view of the beach head.. Unfortunately for the Gerries, that was a far as they got!
Our heroes issue forth from the Church Hall.  Don't Panic!!

Infantry and tanks hit the beaches

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  1. You've got a good memory for that game. I hope to dig out some more photos to post myself.