Thursday, August 5, 2010

They Don't Like it up Em! (Part 1)

OK. Another year on and another attempt to do something a little out of the ordinary.  My mate Dan came up with the idea of putting on a game based around the Classic British Sitcom "Dad's Army".

As I'm sure everyone is aware, Foundry make an excellent range of Home Guard figures which provided the hero's for our game. most of the other figures came from existing supplies so we didn't have to spend heaps on new figures. The buildings were mostly made from Cork tiles again and Dan scratch built the Pier and waterfront jetty.

We fought three scenarios out over the weekend. The first one being an attempt by a bailed out German aircrew to escape to the beach where they were to be picked up by a friendly vessel. The German's almost made it, having successfully evaded our brave (if a little incompetent) heros. They managed to steal Jones's van from under his nose and were only brought to an abrupt halt when Pikey shot up the van with his trusty Tommy gun.. That particular game ended with the Germans cornered, agonisingly close to the beach but with no chance of getting any further.

Walmington on Sea

Those sneaky Gerries,Aided by a 5th Columnist "Nun"
manage to break into Jones's van and make a run for the beach

The German gunboat waits patiently for its passengers who (unfortunately) never arrived.

The second scenario involved a group of German paras who had landed behind Walmington and were trying to infiltrate the town and carry out a number of tasks. They managed to achieve most of their objectives but were ultimately thwarted by the Home Guard heros. 
The Fallschirmjaeger infiltrate Walmington on Sea
Fallschirmjaeger LMG team watching the crossraods

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