Friday, August 6, 2010

Napoleonics - Spain 1809


Like many other wargamers, I've been bitten by the Napoleonic bug. The arrival of cheap plastic figures is, I reckon, the best thing to happen to the hobby for many many years, all of a sudden large armies no longer require you to take out a second mortgage. I've always been fascinated by the Peninsular War so I decided that I would build a French force along with an Anglo Spanish army to give them some opposition. 

Now I've bought both Victrix and Perry plastics and both have some admirable qualities: Victrix give you so many different possible combinations it's boggling! On the other hand, with so many bits and pieces to stick on, they aren't exactly quick to put together.  Perry figures are quite exquisite. I've been a big fan of their metals for ages and their plastics have proved to be every bit as good. While you don't get the same level of individuality that you can achieve with Victrix, they are much faster to assemble and paint up really well.

My French infantry are all Victrix while my British are a mixture of both. I shamelessly decided to shamelessly copy Clarence Harrison's idea of using the Victrix early French infantry as Spanish. While they aren't bang on, uniform wise,  they're good enough for my wargames table.

These are some of my first efforts;

French 32 Legere - Victrix Old Guard with spare line infantry heads
More French Infantry
French 36 Ligne - 1st Battalion

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