Monday, August 16, 2010

Sharp Practice - Fondler's Pirate.

I bought a copy of 'Sharp Practice (SP)a while ago along with 'Troops Weapons and Tactics'. Both are immensely playable and great fun, as long as you don't take the hobby too seriously. with characters like Dick Fondler, Daniel Laroux and Fellatio Lawnmower, it doesn't take a genius to work out that rules are a little tongue in cheek. Both are published by 'Too Fat Lardies' and I can heartily recommend them to anyone looking for a few hours of hilarity.
Anyway, having played a few games of SP with my mate Dan we decided that it would be a good idea to do one of the more unusual scenarios as a demo game at the main wargaming show in Wellington, 'Call to Arms'.
The scenario (for those of you not familiar with the rules) pits our hero, Fondler and his trusty Sgt, Mick Paisley against a bunch of tough Barbary Pirates led by 'The Vaz' along with his sidekicks, The Hinjudda Brothers (Davedee and Dozi), Asheet Mahdraaz and Yupiss Yussulf. (I just love these names). we changed the scenario slightly from the book, mainly because we don't have any British sailors or Marines painted yet. So instead we brought in Captain Francesco Del Monte, the captain of the Spanish Frigate 'Madre de Dios' and his motley collection of Spanish soldiers. Myself and another mate (Brent) played Fondler and Del Monte, while Dan and my son Michael played the part of the Vaz and his gang of cut throats.

Here are a few shots of the table. I'll let you know how the scenario played out later. Suffice to say we had a real hoot for two days. So much so that we plan to keep the scenario going, but more on that later

 The water front at Keiff al Salaam. Soon to be scene of some acts of real derring do''

General shot of the Fort - built by Dan. He assures me he'll work for commissions :)

Captain Del Monte gallantly leads his men in a forlorn attempt to storm the Vaz's stronghold. Fondler and his men are bringing up the rear, happy to let their allies do all the fighting at this stage

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  1. Interesting!!! I wish I had not forgotten to attend Call To Arms this year (yep, I really did just forget!!!), as I would've loved to see this game happening.

    I've got 'Sharp Pratice' too up here in Paraparaumu, so it would be great to get another game up and going ...