Thursday, August 5, 2010

Stalingrad - 2007

"Call to Arms" is the annual wargaming bash run by the Wellington Warlords. It's a great excuse to spend the day with your mates and have loads of fun.

Over the last few years myself and a few friends have put on various display games at CtA. Here's a few snaps of a Stalingrad game that we did in 2007.

This was done in 28mm using the excellent Platoon Commander rules on a table roughly 15' x  6'.  The buildings were all scratch built using Cork floor tiles. I might do a quick tutorial on how to build these at some point down the line as they are remarkably easy to produce and the finished product looks great.

The game itself was a real hoot with the Germans doing there very best to dislodge some very stubborn Reds from the various buildings before Soviet reinforcements overwhelmed them. Highlights for me were the struggle for the factory complex (expertly built by Dan Wade) and the panic when the Russians deployed a couple of bomb dogs to try and disrupt the German advance. The Dogs were ccompletely useless but tied up heaps of Germans desperately trying to gun them down before they blew something up.

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