Thursday, April 13, 2017

Sudan Campaign Skirmish

My resolution for 2107 is to actually put some stuff on this blog! Life takes over and as a result it's been a while since anything meaningful went up.

From a wargames perspective I've been churning out Napoleonic Austrians for a Wagram re-fight that's scheduled for June 2017 in Wellington. I've also been adding to my ACW collection steadily and have a reasonable number of units for both sides painted. Like all good wargamers however there's no lack of additional lead and plastic still to get through!

However the purpose of this particular post was to extol the virtues of  large scale skirmish games. I made the mistake before Christmas of buying a set of "The Men Who Would Be Kings. It's always a bad move buying new rules, especially when things are tight financially and this was no exception. needless to say I'm now the proud owner of a bunch of Perry Plastic Victorian era Brits and Sudanese as well as some metal Highlanders and Afghan Tribesmen for the same period.

Now I've still to actually fight a game with the rules but on reading them they look interesting enough to get the juices flowing. I'll do a proper crit of them in due course but for the time being, suffice to say that they look interesting and quirky enough to be worth considering if you are looking for an alternative to the elikes of Sharp Practice 2 which I rate very highly and have had a huge amount of fun with.
Black Watch 42nd foot. 
Anyway. here's my first effort at Sudanese campaign British. namely the 42nd Black Watch. These are from the Perry range and as with most of the Perry stuff the sculpting is first rate. There was little or no flash to speak of apart from some scraps on the bases. Next up will be the Sudanese but more of that later.

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